Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trees come falling down

i'm not a tree hugger but i do love nature. i know some trees have to come down to build our house. i get that. these trees are beautiful. huge over 130 feet long. hickory. oak. the tree guy said we have enough wood to actually build our house. if we only had a lumber yard on site to prepare it. 

 every building spot must have a LION's DEN...

 driveway cut into property. sunshine. i can now visualize what our new home will look like.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

She's off to Truett McConnell College in Cleveland, GA

I turn on the radio "Cinderella" by Stephen Curtis Chapman was playing. 
Off to Truertt McConnell College to leave a piece of my 
The hard part about being a mom is you"ll forever have pieces of your  walking around outside your body. 
Natalie is everything I've always wanted to be. 
Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to be her mom. 
God take care of her when I'm not there. I know she is Your child and You  her.

(muhth-er) - noun
1. Someone who will love you unconditionally, till her last breath.

 tell me this is only a can i let her go
 big brother giving his sissy a big hug
 in her car & ready to go
 i love this bright red barn
 she's 2 hours away from home....i can drive up and visit if i want ;) i drove with natalie and kent & the girls we followed. beautiful day.

 Psalm 127 compares children to "arrows in the hand of a warrior." like arrows shot from an expert archer, the next generation is called to soar into the future with strength, accuracy and purpose.
At Truett McConnell, our commitment is to prepare your child for his or her diving cooling. The next few years will be a time of sharpening, honing, and strengthening. From class to campus activities, each aspect at TMC encourages your child to stay the course, focus on the target, and fly with faith.
When the final crate is unpacked and the last goodbye is said, questions may floor your mind 
"Will they fly in the right diction?" "Will storms blow them off track?" "Will they fall short of God's intended plan?" 
Just remember, they were never born to stay in the quiver. RELEASE your child into the hands of the ultimate archer, Jesus Christ. Together, we'll watch her make her mark on the world. 

as a mom reading this and listening to the president of TMC speak made my heart feel so much better. i know she's only mine for a short time....18 years wasn't long enough. during those 18 years kent & i have tried our best to give her tools so she can be the person God created her to be. 
go my little bell sheep....your ready....your awesome.....your so very loved. 

 beautiful campus
 TMC Bear
 we wrote letter to her and left them for her.

 it's real...she's officially a TMC student 

 girls freshman dorm....welcome you natalie j. sisler 
 dorm theme was ocean....very cool 

 the drab dorm room....not for long ;)
 natalie & abigail 
she's is exactly in the place God wants her to be. 


 sisler chicks 
 this is natalie's's so funny that Pearl took this picture and captured her expression
 T. M. C.
 I have no words....
 Our goofy girl 

 Our Pearl 
 room mates and i have a really good feeling friend for LIFE. 

God we leave her in Your hands. 
Believing you will take her to the places You want her to go.
It seems like yesterday, I laid on a table allowing a complete stranger to put cold gel on my stomach. Yes, this would be the very first time we would see your face. Your dad & I were in the ultrasound office in Pittsburgh, PA. All we wanted to know was is our baby healthy? Heart. 10 toes & fingers. We didn't care if you were a boy or girl. We just hoped & prayed for a healthy baby.  Girl? Boy? It was your dad’s 33rd birthday. When the tech said, “your having a girl” your dad started crying. We were soooooo HAPPY to be having a girl. He had never mentioned to me that he'd hoped you were a girl. It was obvious he was thrilled to know, now, that he would have a daughter. 

The day you were born August 26, 1995, I saw God like never before. His tender grace was handed to me wrapped in a pink blanket with big brown eye, a head full of dark black hair.  A sea of forgiveness forever staring back at me, for everything I’d done wrong in my life. I was in Awwwww, God could give me such a perfect beautiful baby girl. I’d never physically touched God, but that day I did. And maybe for the first time in my entire life, His hope rushed inside of me and started rearranging and redeeming my brokenness. I knew God but I didn't have the personal relationship He calls us to have with him.  God knew I needed you
He knew you were exactly what I needed to know Him better.
Now as you leave to embark on your path. I have no doubt God is with you. I have no doubt you will be a Bell Sheep on the campus of TMC. 
I have no doubt everything is perfect in His time.

I love you 
Nattie Foo

Friday, August 15, 2014

91 Dogwood Trail Senioa, GA

let the building begin 
August 2014
 our property is full of beautiful BIG BIG BIG trees. unfortunately, some of these trees will have to be taken down to build our house.

 kent & garrett has worked a few days removing quit a few saplings and underbrush from the property.
 after the some trees were taken down today 8-15-14
let the sunshine come in

 this tree was 180 feet long....girls thought it was so "weird" that this is how a tree looked underneath.

 sisler six anxiously await there new home to be built....estimate time of completion 10 months


 pearl she can be graceful on anything

 big boy #1
 big boy #2
happy hunting