Sunday, November 16, 2014

emma lael is my pet lover...just like i am 
garrett, natalie & pearl like animals but EL and i love animals
this is charlie brown he is the kitten that our neighbors left when they moved. he's the sweetest little fella. when he see's EL... he'll run to her 

 we have one tree in the front yard of the house we are renting it is full of yellow leaves 
the girls have had more fun playing in those pretty leaves 

 look what i found in the tree
 my little monkey

Ms. Confidence

my shopping buddy friday. 
her name should of been Confidence because she is full of it
xo xo xo 

Pearl loves crafts

emma lael & i bought a bible origami kit for pearl friday. pearl loves origami. she loves anything crafty just like natalie 
below is adam, eve and the serpent 
 noah's ark

pearl & i made christmas ornaments out of twigs and ribbon yesterday
we sat outside and had a crafty time 

 all it needs is twin hot glued to the top so it can be hung on a tree

 Tis the season 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Uncle Bob's Pumpkin Farm

uncle bob's pumpkin farm
cancelled last week due to rain we were off today....cold...windy....windy 40 degrees

 even when your allergic to hay you ride the hayride to make her happy
 she was a very cold lady bug
 we both loved mr. goat he was so gentle and all the kids loved him
 mrs. statzer's 1st grade class
 she chose the perfect eye patch for today "turkey" the turkey behind her wasn't very happy to see the patch. he was grumpy.....he would attack if given the chance to escape from the fence
 corn maze...she had the best time running through the corn maze

beautiful farm 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Waffle Wars after raising money for mosquito nets in Africa

kent & i have taught sunday school for 17 years. 
it's one hour a week that we both always look forward to. 
this year we are teaching 5th grade (pearl's class). 
they are on fire for Jesus
they make class so much fun
last month 1st grade - 12th grade had a competition
who could raise the most $ for malaria mosquito nets that would be sent to africia.
the winner's would have a waffle war. 

 5th grade won. 
they first ate waffles. home made with many yummy topping, chocolate, whip cream, blueberries & raspberries & syrup.
 we had games....first game was to take a spatula and put a frozen waffle on it and throw it. sounds easy, right? it wasn't easy. pearl gave it her best shot. libby (behind pearl) was the winner.
 avery & pearl buddies
 fishing waffles. they had to run to the table have an adult put a waffle on a clip that was attached at the end of the fishing pole. then they'd runback and have the next person in line take a bit out of it.
it was hilarious watching them. 
pearl is holding the fishing pole while thomas attempts to take a bit of the waffle.
 pearl laughed so hard she couldn't get a bit 
 avery did get bit. way to go avery. 
 everyone survived. 
some a bit more sticky then others
thanks kids we are proud of you. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Eye Patch are COOL

one could say that we've went a bit overboard in making eye patches
emma lael & i say we are having FUN tons of FUN
she's a rock star at school in her cool eye patches
the kids & teachers are always eager to see what she'll be wearing 

yesterday i made mr. turkey. pilgrim hat. santa hat. baby Jesus. cornucopia.
reindeer i made awhile ago.
 turkey eye patch with her turkey p.j.'s is she cute or what????

Sunday, November 2, 2014

House progress

emma lael will tell you our house has been wrapped like a Christmas present.

 can you see pearl & emma lael/

 pearl & emma lael peeking out of pearl's bedroom window
 walking to green can't can't breath according to garrett...he expects us to all be QUIET!!!! hello....we are not the quiet type....quiet isn't in our gene pool....ask my mom ;)
 my country his duck came attire....holding a shot gun shell
one tree stand
 me in the tree stand
 what a beautiful afternoon evident in this picture...the leaves are beginning to turn...fall is my favorite time of the year

 garrett said the deer don't like this salt cube but it's doing a job on this old stump
 can you see garrett????
shadows of garrett & i

 pretty pearl....naturally pretty....running around playing and enjoying the day

the property our home is on is beautiful. full of trees. wildlife. peace & quiet. tranquility. i image a big tire swing on one of the many HUGE trees for the girls to swing on. i image the twin bed swing from KY that will be hanging on the front porch.