Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter Peeps
He is Risen!!!
 pearls first and last easter in this house....bitter sweet.

 natalie's art work on the chalk door in our kitchen....i really like this one.
 sisler chick-a-dees

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sisler's are build Ford Tough

after dinner we all went for a ride to walk on our new property
the place we will call him in the next several months.
these three chick a dee's are happy to soon be 
country chicks
 princess of the sisler land
 queen of the sisler land
camo prince
 kent & garrett were excited to set up the deer feeder....fill it up with corn....put the camera up so they can see what critters have made their homes on the property. they are hoping a few deer have made themselves at home.
 oops a bit to much

 emma lael had fun running around....picking up sticks....walking on fallen trees ....standing on tree stumps....our little tom boy is going to be one happy country chick.
 pearl wasn't to sure about the dirt, living in the country, bugs etc.  she's come around very quickly. what a beautiful country chick she will be.
 kent had natalie & garrett marking with markers and measuring where he thinks our house will sit on the property.
 this is a huge white oak that had fallen down ....pearl walked the entire length of it and then jumped off. told you she's coming around ;)
 sisler family build Ford Tough

Friday, April 18, 2014

Prom 2014

emma lael and cole 
she wanted no part of getting dressed up and going to the prom 
 natalie, cole, callie & lynz dressed and ready to go

 class of 2014
 yes again they are the class of 2014
 natalie & cole

 natalie and lynz have been best friends since 6th grade. they are going to miss one another as they go off to different colleges. lynz headed to samford in AL and natalie truett mcdonnell college.
 natalie & callie. callie & lynz are going to be room mates at samford.
 they made dinner.... drank out of super hero cups.... a crazy bunch for sure...NOT.

easter party

 emma lael's "mom did you know that Jesus and his friends BOY friends didn't have any pants"
 her crafts she made today at her easter party in class
 this is the little critter you want at your desk. he is the quiet critter. emma lael gets him often because she's very quiet, listens and respectful in class. looks like he could use a dab of glue.
emma lael standing on her tip toes to be as tall as addie & maddie jayne.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Prom 2014

prom 2014
this year it was natalie turn to invite/ask cole to prom. she wasn't going to go...she's not into events such as this. ....4 days before prom she decided to go. teenagers ;0) she knows cole loves to eat. typical young man. loves food. she came up with this creative way to ask him to prom. he opened it up and at first didn't see the writing on the lid. then i gave him a subtle suggestion to open it again. he did. he saw the note then.
he said "yes" they are now going to prom friday.
 first dance together in 2010
 homecoming 2013
they've went to several dances together. you can really see how they've grown & matured. cole is an amazing young man.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Senoia here we come

Welcome to Senoia, Georgia 
Sisler Family

  • Senoia is a special place. Here you will find the historic charm of years past designed with an eye toward the future.
    Senoia is known worldwide for its well-deserved television and cinematic successes; having more than two dozen television shows and movies to its credit. Senoia is so much more! The people who call it home are truly what make Senoia so special. Our community spirit and involvement is a very special thing. That proud spirit sets us apart.
    I hope that you will come and be a part of this very special place. Who knows, you may see an occasional zombie, or relive Buddy and Idgie's conversation about that special oyster in the old oak tree.

    Population 3,307. Area 4.7 sq miles

    after 6+ years of searching for land to build a home we purchased 12 beautiful acres in senioa georgia. 

  •  first picture on the property.
    girls in their p.j.'s trekking thru the woods where our future home will be built.
     he's cutting down everything in his way. he's going to love living in the country.
    i can already visualize looking out of the kitchen window or sitting on the porch drinking coffee and listening to birds chirping in the morning.
     which one of these trees will be the perfect tree for a tire swing?

     kent wrapped his arms around this tree to show how big it is. we have hundreds on the property this size and a few even bigger.
     emma lael loves to play in the dirt and explore.
    she is EXCITED to be a country girl.

     pearl found this tiny purple flower amongst all the leaves on the ground. she loves flowers.

     poison oak and it's friend poison ivy isn't far away.
     dogwood. reminder of Christ death on the cross.
     this is looking out from what will be the driveway to our new road.
     downtown senoia
     if your a fan of the show the walking dead...senoia is the town the film is shot in.
     zack browns restaurant is one of kent & my favorite places to eat. we can now walk to have dinner here.
    we are so excited to have found property. it will be several months before we move to senioa. we need to find a rental house to rent until our home is built. it would be nice if our house sold before we moved in to our new home. God's got it all figured out.