Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Senoia here we come

Welcome to Senoia, Georgia 
Sisler Family
  • Senoia is a special place. Here you will find the historic charm of years past designed with an eye toward the future.
    Senoia is known worldwide for its well-deserved television and cinematic successes; having more than two dozen television shows and movies to its credit. Senoia is so much more! The people who call it home are truly what make Senoia so special. Our community spirit and involvement is a very special thing. That proud spirit sets us apart.
    I hope that you will come and be a part of this very special place. Who knows, you may see an occasional zombie, or relive Buddy and Idgie's conversation about that special oyster in the old oak tree.

    Population 3,307. Area 4.7 sq miles

    after 6+ years of searching for land to build a home on....today we purchased 12 beautiful acres in senioa georgia. 

  •  first picture on the property.
    girls in their p.j.'s trekking thru the woods where our future home will be built.
     the saw has became kent best friend. he is cutting down everything in his way. he's going to love living in the country.
    i can already visualize looking out of the kitchen window or sitting on the porch drinking coffee and listening to birds chirping in the morning.
     which one of these trees will be the perfect tree for a tire swing?

     kent wrapped his arms around this tree to show how big it is. we have hundreds on the property this size and a few even bigger.
     emma lael loves to play in the dirt and explore.
    she is EXCITED to be a country girl.

     pearl found this tiny purple flower amongst all the leaves on the ground. she loves flowers.

     poison oak and it's friend poison ivy isn't far away.
     dogwood. reminder of Christ death on the cross.
     this is looking out from what will be the driveway to our new road.
     downtown senoia
     if your a fan of the show the walking dead...senoia is the town the film is shot in.
     zack browns restaurant is one of kent & my favorite places to eat. we can now walk to have dinner here.
    we are so excited to have found property. it will be several months before we move to senioa. we need to find a rental house to rent until our home is built. it would be nice if our house sold before we moved in to our new home. God's got it all figured out.

    spring break arizona style

    didn't take long to get to the pool after arriving at lala's and papa's house
     shhh...pearl is going to blow in the noodle and squirt emma lael & lala
     surprise!!!!!  she got them!
     i love the smile on pearl's face....she was cracking up that she squirted them.

     off to go play putt putt....lala always gets bikes for the kids to ride while we are visiting. we rode bikes every single day. great fun & exercise.
     crash-n-burn. no blood. smiles. she's alright :0)
     skeleton of a saguaro cactus. pretty cool.

     don't touch. OUCH!!!
     a very large saguaro cactus
     pearl proud of her putt putt. lala a great teacher.
     she look serious in this picture. lala told her to look at the ball not the hole. looks to me like she's looking at the hole.
     emma lael is left handed like her lala. her putter was for a right hander. she struggled using the putter but she had fun.
     love this shot.

     these two get along so well. they are a great pair. sisters forever.
     eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Arizona.
     dr. dave lala & papa's friend and neighbor cut purple roses off his rose bush for pearl. she loves roses.
     bathing beauty.
     swimming at neighbors pool on the last day of our trip.

    Friday, April 4, 2014

    iris our guest

    today i noticed a bird fly into the basket on the front door...Awww, who doesn't love babies birds in your front door basket??? OH, NO i thought.... her babies are going to be disturbed with people coming in and out of the front door. WHAT do i do???? the girls and i watched her bring in one piece of pine straw at a time. to prepare a place for her eggs when the time comes to lay them. we will have fun watching her during the next several weeks.
    this is her hinny as she flies into the basket with a piece of pine straw.

    exuse me...ms. carolina wren...did you know that your in georgia?
    WELCOME to our home...we are happy you've decided to make a nest in our front door basket
    make yourself at home.  

     we've named her iris. iris the carolina wren.
     she's has a lot of work to do. she's been in and out of this basket 30 times in the past 45 minutes.

    pearl has a very creative side to her
    she loves to create things
    she made several of her own ring & bracket styles with the loom bands
    she made this out of dominos
    pretty cool, hah?

     go ahead & push the first domino....mom, i can't.... it took soooo long to make this....do you want me to push the first one? no, thanks....are you sure i really don't mind ;)
     first one down others follow
     i am looking at this picture and how sparsely my mantle looks. our house is for sale and the stager came and she took off many "things". no longer a home it's a house.

    Tuesday, April 1, 2014

    Treasures in our attic

    our home will be put on the market to sell in two days
    this weekend kent & i went through the attic. we made piles for garage sale, donate & throw away.
    i've had a suitcase in the attic from my grandma ruby for years. i picked it up and i could hardly pick it up it was very heavy. 
    when i sat on the attic floor to open it i was overwhelmed with JOY. i found scrap books filled with pictures dating 1930-1948. the people in the picture were my family....my grandma ruby was smiling back at me. i was seeing a side of her i never knew. 
    this picture below was 24 years old. this was the only colored picture in all the albums. 
    she was smiling and obviously having a great time. 
     my grandpa earl in high school. he's the 3rd from the left bottom row. he was a quite man. it's hard for me to think of him playing football.
     this book is dated 1926. this was a book from my grandma charlotte. i'm not sure how it got in the suitcase but it did.
     two of the many photo albums
     my grandma ruby was a R.N. her she is 1940 in the operating room. doesn't look very sterile to me. things have changed a lot in the past 74 years.
     my great grandfather charles adams. this is my grandma dad. he's standing in front of the farm house in benson, N.C. my grandma grew up in. that farm house still is occupied by my grandma's littles brother glen. when i was a kid we'd drive from MI to N.C. and stay for a couple weeks. i recall feeling like i was living in the a different time zone. slow pace. dirt roads. no A/C. i was  city girl this wasn't my comfort zone. at 50 years old i crave to have a slow pace life with dirt roads.
     my mom at 20 months old. cutie patootie. 68 years ago she's having fun on easter sunday.
     mt. cory, Ohio. my mom turns 2 and they put it in the newspaper. wow! it was a fun time to celebrate kids birthdays with friends & family. everyone adult in the picture is dressed up. men and ladies. ladies in dresses and men in dress pants and dress shirts. it was august. they had to of been hot.
     this is a real treasure.....my grandparents first picture together. my grandma had amazing scrap books. this was taken oct. 1943 in baltimore, MD.
     April 1944 on their wedding day. in front of the farm house in benson, N.C.
     first letter my grandpa send my grandma after they were married. notice FREE postage. april 12, 1944.
     page one of the love letter
     war ration book. this was a great fine. this was in one of the scrapbooks. this is so cool. notice she had to put her height & weight on it. i wonder if you were given ration books according to your height & weight???? surely not.

     wedding picture of my grandparents. mr. earl & mrs. ruby ludwick april 1944
     my grandpa earl with his grandma emmaline (i love that name) he was 5 months old.
     grandpa earl's high school graduation announcement. timing it neat. natalie graduates may 16, 2014
    my grandpa graduated may 14, 1931. the envelope says....didn't have money to have picture taken.
     grandpa earls 3rd race picture. he i stop row 4t from left.h
     war department card & michigan conference of teamsters cards belonging to my grandpa earl.
     grandpa earl 1921 age 5. with his football helmet in his hand. mt. cory, Ohio

    1950 my mom at age 5 years old. she looked like a little stinker. N.C.

    these 5 silk peachy pink nightgowns were found in two bags. they lace on each of them looks brand new. they are beautiful. the far right one was our favorite...beautiful blush pink evening gown. treasures that i will keep and pass on to my girls one day.

    my mom in the galvanized tub 1946 with her cousin janie. in mt. cory, Ohio. i was looking online yesterday for a galvanized tube to put in the farm house we are building. crazy isn't it.

     as i looked at these i thought about emma lael & pearl. they will never have treasures of their birth family. i told my mom my thoughts she said "they'll have plenty picture from their family now" she is 100% right. i've been told for year "your just like your grandma ruby".
    i love to take pictures & she did too.