Friday, December 19, 2014


 Oops they sent double the amount of hard wood we'd need to do the hardwood floors.
oh well, no hard done. 
6", 8" and 10" pinewood will be the floor....NO pattern just randomly placed....
they will then take chains and hit the floor (if you have an anger issue come on over they could use help doing this part)...they will throw nails on the floor and walk on them...drag them under their other tricks of the trade to make the floor look old and distressed...square head nails & stain. 
wood down coming soon 

 pearl saying "mom this is soooo much wood"

let Christmas break begin

 our very own bobble head 
 snow & snowflake were no were to be found in the house this morning. pearl and emma lael get in the car to go to school WHO do they see???
snow & snowflake chillin in the car eating animal crackers

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Emma Lael foster mom

when a child is adopted internationally, most of the time, they will never have any information about their past. emma lael is an exception to the rule. she lived with the most amazing foster parents that we still communicate with. this is her foster mom, nai an, she is opening gifts we sent her for Christmas. i can't image what joy it brings her to see emma lael. she loved her.... cared for after two open heart surgeries poured into her love love love. this women is the reason emma lael adjusted so well to us. 

 we always make a photo book for her of what emma lael did that year.

 karen is showing nai an a video i sent her of emma lael's violin Christmas concert.

 new purse
 scarf for yai yai

merry Christmas Nai Nai & Yai Yai you will always be a huge part of emma lael's story.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

all i want for Christmas is my two front teeth

she'd love two front teeth for Christmas but her mom loves her toothless smile....because i know this is short lived. 

this is her 3rd Christmas recital. it always gets us in the Christmas spirit. she played amazing. 

happy birthday Jesus
that's what this season is all about 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Snow & Snowflake

these two have fun that's for sure

Stocking are hung

oh, how i love to needlepoint & quilt
one of my favorite parts of Christmas is when i hand the kids stockings. 
garrett's was the first stocking i'd ever made
natalie's 1995
Pearls 2014
 emma lael 2011

 we will only be in this rental house for this Christmas. we have a tiny tree. with only a few ornaments. we all love it. bigger isn't always better. pearl cut out the star out of construction paper and she made it 3D.  

Capernum Christmas Party

Dear Sant i want a kindle and a policecar and plane name Dusty that has a remote plane.
love emma lael sisler a blue truck just like my daddy. keep warm.
i love Jesus Birthday
dear santa
for christmas i would like a new kindle please. my kinda will not let me get more games or books. i also would like a mozayic. you do not have to because it is your choice. have a great Christmas! your elfs are very cute. they are very funny (the places they choose to hide and the letters that they write)
i love Jesus. i know that this is all about Jesus being born. I have become to know Him more and more. 
Wish you a Merry Christmas.
my Christmas is complete.  
i read the letter they'd written to santa my heart was full....over flowing with gratitude.
 you have given kent and i a life we'd never imaged. how could we of ever imaged this???? impossible. 
thank you Jesus for imprinting on their hearts what is important. sure they'd like gifts from the happy chubby guy. it's not about the happy chubby guy it's about a baby. 

it's all about a baby that changed everything 
a star shines bright
angels sing glory to the new born king
a baby changes everything
my hole life has turned around 
i was lost but now i'm found
a baby changes everything 
she is my baby  xo xo 
she is my inspiration 

#photobomb by stephanie our special friend
5 amazing men. each of them volunteer and spend time with the capernum kids & young adults. they are the glue that holds it all together. they all have families. jobs. each of them make time to spend time with the special needs kids & adults a couple times a month.
this is what life is about
it's always better to GIVE than RECEIVE