Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Moses is home

Moses is HOME
7 days ago we moved to our rental house. that was the last day we saw Moses. 
this morning at 6:00 a.m. while reading my devotion....i heard a meow...meow..... a familiar meow. 
i look out the window to my surprise 
i see a sweet familiar face. 
he is a bit thinner
very vocal i've never heard him meow as much as he was....maybe he was saying 
i am happy to be home.

this picture was taken 2 weeks before we moved
 this is Moses today...he's half the size. 
sporting a new collar with a new name tag
 i am very allergic to cats but i've always loved them
due to my allergies every cat we've ever had is an outside cat
this afternoon Moses wouldn't leave my lap...i sat on the bench on the porch he jumped up
layer his head down and purrred & slept. 

i hope he won't wander off again...
in 9 months we will move again....hopefully he'll learn from this little 7 day trip he was on

Sunday, July 13, 2014

echo's past & present

in  march of 1990 kent & i bought our first home in louisville, ky. 
we were laughing and remembering all we had to do to close on this house. before we could close we had to scrap layers of paint off the house and paint it before we could get a FHA loan. we had fun. we were working towards our first house. it took us a few weeks but we did it. we were proud of ourselves. 
it went for sale on july 8 two days we closed on our house.
we have fond memories from when we lived here. those memories left with us. the house still is there but our memories are in our hearts not in this building.
this is where garrett was born
this is where garrett had many of his first.
this house....first house, molly, garrett's birth 
a empty room always echo's. a house is a building nothing more nothing less. a home is the people you love. there are people around the world who have never had a "roof over their heads"....does that mean they don't have a home????  twigs. leaves. left over junk that others have thrown away can and have been used to protect us from the weather. i've come to realize that a house is a building. the building you go to on sundays' to worship is a building. the people are the church.
i am thankful that i have always had a building to live in. raise my children. create memories. unfortuantly, i've taken this for granted.
thank you God for providing me buildings over the years that protected me. i know Your the only thing that really protects us all. i am grateful.
 echo's echo's echo's emma lael loved walking through our former house and hearing her self talk. i always knew she talked hear herself  ;)
this house.....natalie learned to ride her bike, natalie started kindergarten, emma lael & pearl's adoptions, my mom's illness, sisco, courage, garrett gone off to college, swimming, beautiful flowers, hardest times in my life, most joyful times in my life, ruby, finley, moses, holly, frosty. 
on to new beginning....
yesterday we met our builder at our land. the first thing joe said to kent & i "God has given you the perfect land for this home you have designed" after 6 plus years of searching for land to hear that was once again... confirmation.
kent, joe & i took the blue prints of the house and joe put stakes in the ground with pink & blue ribbons representing were the house will sit.  after an hour or so the stakes were in the place.
 kent & i walked back to look at the location on the land. surreal. happiness.
we began this process march 12, 2014.
predicted completion is march 2015.
we bought our first house in lousiville ky in march 1999.
we moved to peachtree city ga in march 1996.
what is it about march? i honestly don't know but it seems to be a good time for change for us.
jessica found this plant on our land and she took a picture of it. 5 leaves. garrett has grown up he lives on his own now. only 5 of us living together for another month....august 16 natalie will be going away to college. sisler six will always be sisler six. one day we will have son-in-laws, a daughter-in-law and grandkids (we hope). our next house... i have no doubt will be filled with more firsts. good times. bad times. animals (chickens hopefully) deer, raccoons, snakes & lots of bugs.

our house plans
 the girls found sticks...garrett he made a sharp point on them. pearl our prissy girly girl has become quit the outdoors girly girl. jessica a bit afraid of our wild outdoors girly girl.
 going on a bear hunt.....

We are settled in

we have settled into a rental home for the next 9 months while our home is being built.
all but one of us. 
moses is an outside cat. he loves to hunt. he loves people. he's the best cat. he doesn't like our new place. he hasn't been seen now since wednesday. 
the girls and i made signs and put them on several stop signs in hopes someone will see him or find him. 
today i walked next door to introduce myself to our neighbor. she has kids 7 years old to 21 years old. 
(we have something in common already)
she has two cats Simba & Charlie (my mom's & dad's dog name is Charlie too)  
i like her. 
she told me this morning she saw a gray cat in her yard with her cat Simba and when she left for church this morning she saw the sign on the stop sign about a lost the end of the street. she said i can't be 100% sure but my daughter, son & i all thought the cat we saw this morning looked like moses. we are hoping it was moses and he's just mad that we've moved and he'll get over it real soon. 
we've left food & water outside for him.

 emma lael made this sign. it says (have you seen moses) with a cat with stripes like moses. it is hard to see but it is so cute.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Emma Lael

Motor mouth
moM's little angel

it's hard to remember our lives without her
it's also hard to image a women across the sea could be thinking what happened to a baby she delivered 7 years ago. 
i know God exists. i believe He hears all my prayers. 
i pray that God will give the women who gave birth to this amazing little girl a peace that surpasses all understanding. 
let her know the baby girl she gave birth to is and full of JOY.
 she's not a candy lover but she does like M&M's....and so do we.
a jar full of M&M's for emma lael 
 she'll never be 6 again....she's now a BIG "7"
 home made wrapping paper. that we decorated. home made cards.

 she calls garrett GEWET she thinks it is so funny
he calls her squeema

pearl decorated her gift to emma lael with emma lael's favorite.....ladybug

 we won't have a pool until next summer when our new house will be built and the pool put in.... this is the next best thing a slip N slide.
 natalie gave her a squirt/bubble gun. you pull the tripper it blows out bubbles then it squirts water that you try and shot the bubbles with.

 garrett and pearl having fun in the pool

 we went to the movies....emma lael chose Earth to Echo (very good movie) then she chose her dinner good old Chick-fil-A.
 there are advantages to being tiny ;)

 happy birthday emma lael our spunky little bundle of joy.
 7 candles in one tiny hand
 daddy giving her 7 spankings and a pinch to grow on

i guess she didn't like our happy birthday singing
 her wish will come true...she blew them all out

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

let the moving begin

let the craziness begin.....

contract on june 14
closing on july 10
signed a 9 month lease on a rental house on june 28
began moving things into rental house on july 1
movers come on july 8

i began to keep track of the kids growth when we moved in our house in september . i simply wrote on the wall in the laundry room. never even entered my mind what i'd do when we moved. we are moving now. i can't take the wall with me. i can't cut it out. the only thing i could do was take pictures. to remember. remembering bring joy & sorrow simultaneously.

garrett was 8... natalie was 5 (september 13, 2000) when we moved in this house
pearl was 10 (september 1, 2013)
emma lael was 3 (october 1, 2010)

it's been fun comparing the kids growing. it appears natalie has always been a giant and emma lael will always be a petite little girl.

this is the entire growth chart with all 4 children
 emma lael will turn 7 july 5 and she still isn't as tall as natalie was when she was 5. 

pearl is 10 and is 1" taller then natalie was at age 7.
pearl says "that's just crazy"

  natalie was taller than garrett at the same age
until garrett turned 14
emma lael 7 (in 2 days) 3' 5"
pearl 10 5'3"
 emma lael's growth since from
age 3 years 3 months to current 7.
natalie at age 5 & 6 
 garrett & natalie comparison chart

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

beach fun 2014

happy fathers day
first time kent's ever had 3 daughters and spent fathers day without garrett. 
our first vacation without garrett too.
he's growing up and life changes when they grow up
 stainless steel ice cubes for a stainless steel guy's true
 pearl skips often...apparently even in the water
 let the fun begin
she took the shovel and started to dig a hole...she wants it to be big so she can stand inside it.
 surfer chicks
 sisler beauties
 off she goes to body surf
 riding a wave
 "i looked good don't you guys think"
 "what just happened"
 "i made it"
 surfer dude...wanna be ;) when your the only guy you have to do what you can to do something sports related. a nerf football was the trick.
 natalie caught it FINALLY after hundreds of throws. natalie "i can't catch but i can throw really good" me "hmmm, i wouldn't go that far"
 water fun with daddy
kent "your so heavy your hurting my back" (she weighs 30#)
EL "come on daddy you can hold me a bit longer"

 he's so proud of himself....he held his cheerleading partner up!!!! Go K E N T
 advanced move. holding up a 30# flyer

"i'm not sure he really knew what he was doing"