Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fly Fishing in Montana

fly fishing in beautiful Montana
nice catch ken
their fishing guide lives in Argentina...he comes to the states a few months a year to take people out on fly fishing trips...that is a nice trout.

that big smile on his face i'd say is from fresh air...time with friends...peace & quiet...being truly thankful for having the opportunity to go and spend 5 days in beautiful Montana...being able to  unwind from the hectic life of a business owner. kent works hard. he's built a successful business. he takes great care of his family. i'm happy he was able to go away with his friends & business partners. well deserved guys trip.

 kyle holding a fish kent caught
 a view from the cabin they stayed in
 another view from the cabin

Saturday, July 26, 2014

fern bank with a special friend

 fernbank is a natural history museum in atlanta. we have a family pass and really enjoying going to see the latest cool things they are displaying & playing on IMAX screen.
you really feel small when you stand next to these guys.
 my sweet "littles" "2nd bunch of kiddos"
 corrie baldwin. i'm not sure were to begin but i will start at the beginning. i met corrie the summer of 2013. she & i took a bible study together and the fayette county pregnancy resource center. you know when you meet someone and you know right away that you like them? well, that was corrie for me. this is what i learned about corrie. she is single....she is 37 years old....i'm not lying she really is....a school teacher....loves children....loves the Lord. how couldn't someone like her???? corrie had told us during the bible study that she had accepted a 4th grade teaching position at TCS. i told her i had two daughter that went to school at TCS. a senior and kindergartener....i told her how much we like TCS and i hope she would too. bible study ends i didn't think i'd see corrie much but had hoped to run into her at TCS.
sept. 1, 2014 pearl comes to live with us. she is in 4th grade. i called TCS and explained we had a new daughter and she was in 4th grade. i was told that the classes were full. NO!!!! i was going to keep pearl home with me a couple weeks to initiate bonding so i wasn't worried. a few days later the principal calls and tells me that it doesn't look like they will have a spot for pearl until jan. 2014. the class max # was 20 students and all the classes had 20 students and she had one student on the waiting list before pearl. i didn't stress i knew it would all work out. next day principal calls to tell me that the other child's family had decided to put them in another school.... and she had a teacher say she would be happy to have 1 extra student. that due to the circumstances and pearls grades she felt comfortable placing pearl in 4th grade. i didn't ask who the teacher was, because honestly, i'd forgot that corrie was teaching at TCS & i didn't know any of the elementary teachers. pearl would start school in one week.
I'm sure you can guess who that teacher was who offered to take an extra student.....corrie. when i say the BEST teacher ever....i mean the BEST BEST BEST ever.
corrie had been a missionary in africa. she had spent years working with young girls who had been sex trafficked. she has a heart for hurting children....her natural sense to see the hurt in them was something i'd never seen in anyone before.
she is now not only a great friend but a family member....we just love corrie.

who better to have with you when you go to a museum.....a teacher

corrie is now adopting two girls from china....a 10 year old and 13 year old. i decided to be her friend and not work directly with her during her adoption. amy hart is her adoption worker she is in great hand with amy.
it's been really cool to see why God brought us together. for pearl. to have two less orphans in the world. He always has a plan so much better then we could ever have for ourselves. if i could just remember that every day and stop trying to do things my way all the time. i'm a work in progress He tells me that often.

Happiness comes from the simple things in life....

i came home thursday after a dentist appointment to a house that was spick and span clean....lunch made and sign ALL OVER the house.
this one was over our bed
 this one was on the bathroom mirror
 this one, obviously, was on another mirror
over the washer & dryer
 on the handrail on the stairs

 on the inside of the pantry door
 over the entry to the great room

did i deserve this? i don't think so.
did it make me feel very special? YES.....YES>>>>YES!!!!
do i have 3 of the best daughters in this world? Yes, I do!!!

i thanked hugged and kissed them all for making me feel special that day. this was a day i felt like a good mom....other days i don't.

thank you God for allowing me to be the mom of these great girls...they teach me more about You every single day.

these signs will stay up until we move to our new house....i just love them.

A day with My Pearl

i've tried to spend one on one time with my girls this summer. between moving. camps. vacation. working a day or so a week it seems time is moving faster then i'd like it to. school starts aug. 13 for pearl & emma lael....natalie leaves for college aug. 16th. today was 
Pearl Day
pearl wanted to go to line creek....have a picnic....hike and talk that's exactly what we did
 dragon flies were all over. they must of been from the same family pearl said....they all were this pretty sky blue color. they really liked us because they hung out with us all day long.
 queen of the rock
 our lounge chair rock
 we engraved our names in a bench

it was a great afternoon. pearl love language is words of affirmation....she loves to talk....share her feelings.....hear how much she is loved, adored what a great girl she is. that's what we did most of all. it's so neat to hear her perspective on all she's been through the past 10 months. hard to believe but on sept. 1 she's been with us for one year. it seems like she's been with us forever.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Moses is home

Moses is HOME
7 days ago we moved to our rental house. that was the last day we saw Moses. 
this morning at 6:00 a.m. while reading my devotion....i heard a meow...meow..... a familiar meow. 
i look out the window to my surprise 
i see a sweet familiar face. 
he is a bit thinner
very vocal i've never heard him meow as much as he was....maybe he was saying 
i am happy to be home.

this picture was taken 2 weeks before we moved
 this is Moses today...he's half the size. 
sporting a new collar with a new name tag
 i am very allergic to cats but i've always loved them
due to my allergies every cat we've ever had is an outside cat
this afternoon Moses wouldn't leave my lap...i sat on the bench on the porch he jumped up
layer his head down and purrred & slept. 

i hope he won't wander off again...
in 9 months we will move again....hopefully he'll learn from this little 7 day trip he was on

Sunday, July 13, 2014

echo's past & present

in  march of 1990 kent & i bought our first home in louisville, ky. 
we were laughing and remembering all we had to do to close on this house. before we could close we had to scrap layers of paint off the house and paint it before we could get a FHA loan. we had fun. we were working towards our first house. it took us a few weeks but we did it. we were proud of ourselves. 
it went for sale on july 8 two days we closed on our house.
we have fond memories from when we lived here. those memories left with us. the house still is there but our memories are in our hearts not in this building.
this is where garrett was born
this is where garrett had many of his first.
this house....first house, molly, garrett's birth 
a empty room always echo's. a house is a building nothing more nothing less. a home is the people you love. there are people around the world who have never had a "roof over their heads"....does that mean they don't have a home????  twigs. leaves. left over junk that others have thrown away can and have been used to protect us from the weather. i've come to realize that a house is a building. the building you go to on sundays' to worship is a building. the people are the church.
i am thankful that i have always had a building to live in. raise my children. create memories. unfortuantly, i've taken this for granted.
thank you God for providing me buildings over the years that protected me. i know Your the only thing that really protects us all. i am grateful.
 echo's echo's echo's emma lael loved walking through our former house and hearing her self talk. i always knew she talked hear herself  ;)
this house.....natalie learned to ride her bike, natalie started kindergarten, emma lael & pearl's adoptions, my mom's illness, sisco, courage, garrett gone off to college, swimming, beautiful flowers, hardest times in my life, most joyful times in my life, ruby, finley, moses, holly, frosty. 
on to new beginning....
yesterday we met our builder at our land. the first thing joe said to kent & i "God has given you the perfect land for this home you have designed" after 6 plus years of searching for land to hear that was once again... confirmation.
kent, joe & i took the blue prints of the house and joe put stakes in the ground with pink & blue ribbons representing were the house will sit.  after an hour or so the stakes were in the place.
 kent & i walked back to look at the location on the land. surreal. happiness.
we began this process march 12, 2014.
predicted completion is march 2015.
we bought our first house in lousiville ky in march 1999.
we moved to peachtree city ga in march 1996.
what is it about march? i honestly don't know but it seems to be a good time for change for us.
jessica found this plant on our land and she took a picture of it. 5 leaves. garrett has grown up he lives on his own now. only 5 of us living together for another month....august 16 natalie will be going away to college. sisler six will always be sisler six. one day we will have son-in-laws, a daughter-in-law and grandkids (we hope). our next house... i have no doubt will be filled with more firsts. good times. bad times. animals (chickens hopefully) deer, raccoons, snakes & lots of bugs.

our house plans
 the girls found sticks...garrett he made a sharp point on them. pearl our prissy girly girl has become quit the outdoors girly girl. jessica a bit afraid of our wild outdoors girly girl.
 going on a bear hunt.....

We are settled in

we have settled into a rental home for the next 9 months while our home is being built.
all but one of us. 
moses is an outside cat. he loves to hunt. he loves people. he's the best cat. he doesn't like our new place. he hasn't been seen now since wednesday. 
the girls and i made signs and put them on several stop signs in hopes someone will see him or find him. 
today i walked next door to introduce myself to our neighbor. she has kids 7 years old to 21 years old. 
(we have something in common already)
she has two cats Simba & Charlie (my mom's & dad's dog name is Charlie too)  
i like her. 
she told me this morning she saw a gray cat in her yard with her cat Simba and when she left for church this morning she saw the sign on the stop sign about a lost the end of the street. she said i can't be 100% sure but my daughter, son & i all thought the cat we saw this morning looked like moses. we are hoping it was moses and he's just mad that we've moved and he'll get over it real soon. 
we've left food & water outside for him.

 emma lael made this sign. it says (have you seen moses) with a cat with stripes like moses. it is hard to see but it is so cute.