Sunday, October 12, 2014

Progress of our house

after 6 plus years of looking....looking....looking we finally found a large piece of property in a beautiful secluded area in Senioa. When we found this property we thought it was to good to be true. we walked the property a few times...prayed while walking...prayed at home asking God if this was the place He'd chosen for us to build our home. we had always pictured pastures of land....this wasn't pasture it was filled with hardwoods acre's and acre's of hardwood. this picture was taken shortly after we'd purchased the property. kent, garrett & a couple guys bush hogged several acre's in the front of the property. 
 the road was made
 after trees were removed...more tree's then we wanted to have removed but the canopies on some of these trees were HUGE!!!! our builder said if they were to come down they would go straight thru our house. they had to go. the nickname for this land is called "big hardwoods"
 preparing to pour concrete
 crawl space dug & concreted
 prepared for the concrete floor to be poured...we placed two bibles under the foundation
 framing the crawl space
 it's beginning to look a little like a house...first floor 60% framed...front of house
 back of house
back of house...they've started framing the 2nd floor.
 side of house...master bedroom
 side of house....2nd story framing began
 back of house....pool will be located in this area
 back side different view
 garage and pool house
 garage different view
 garage....gardening shed....herb gardening area and front of house

 it's coming along. we've had a great time seeing the progress each day. the girls said the other day "mom is really looks like a house now" ;)

One happy man

kent & garrett have waited a long time to have a place to call their own. 
land to hunt on.
land to do what men do (i still don't get it)
sister's now own property....our future home is being built on this beautiful piece of property.
kent had a few acre's cleared for his deer
they've planted clover, different types of grasses  

 kent walking around looking for deer prints....what grass has taken and what grass hasn't.

 this tree stand has been here a long's being replaced with safer tree stands

 yippee!!!! clover is growing
 he wouldn't want to be in anyone else's boots but his own
 deer feeders in various places around the property...we have to check them all out
 more clover
 walking back towards were our house is being built....our property is beautiful....peaceful....full of wildlife we are all very eager to move to our new place but we have several months before our house will be done.
 the target garrett made for them to practice shooting
 one deer print

this print makes kent & garrett very happy ....

Bye Bye Nanny McPhee Snaggle Tooth you will be missed.....

a few weeks after emma lael was adopted she fell on our driveway...she hit face first....she damaged both her front teeth...the dentist predicted neither of them would last long. her upper lip ended up being black and blue & swollen. this picture was days after the incident. 

 fast forward 9 months later ....while giving her a bath... her face and my hand holding the shower wand collided... out fell one of her front teeth without a drop of blood.
 yesterday while she was outside riding her scooter.. she bumped her jaw on the steering bar...she came inside with blood dripping....not a tear in her eyes she says "mom my tooth is really loose" i looked and saw a dangling tooth. i put a piece of dental floss around the tooth we've nicknamed "Nanny McPhee Snaggle Tooth" we have come to love that tooth. i cleaned her up and back out side she went.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Full Lunar Eclipse

second chances like this don't come around to often.
the earth will position itself between the sun & the moon, creating a full lunar eclipse with majestic red hue.
i heard the girls talking at 6:05 a.m. kent reminded me that the full lunar eclipse was this morning so i asked them to get up and come down stairs. we went outside at 6:20 and watch for 10 minutes the beauty of the eclipse. 

fuzzy picture taken with my phone
charlie, our newest family member was happy to be apart of the picture too

Pink Out Volleyball Game

pearl is what you'd call a kid who has natural athletic talent
she is an amazing athlete
she also works very hard
she served to help win 2 of the games
way to go pearl!!!!
proud of you 
love you soooooo much
 TCS middle school team
 this year's pink out volleyball game...pearl is practicing so she wasn't in the picture
 2014 logo
 last year 2013
 last year pink out game...natalie played her senior year game.
 emma lael way to tolerate watching volleyball games
 pearl was soooooo happy they had won. she's competitive ;)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New friends

my dear friend, corrie returned from China recently.... she adopted two beautiful girls.
alanna 10 years old & marian 14 years old.
pearl made a piece of jewelry for alanna & marian she was excited to give them their gifts.

 alanna & pearl are both 10 years old. alanna has spina bifida and is in a wheelchair. she has partial movement of one leg but her other is paralyzed. i believe she will walk with braces one day...she is very determined.
 emma lael doing her crazy tricks on the swings

corrie is an amazing women.
* she has lived in Africa teaching children english.
* she volunteers at the local pregnancy resource center.....ministering and mentoring to young girls finding themselves pregnant.
* she has also volunteered at Wellsprings... an organization that rescues girls who have are victims of sex trafficking.
 she was pearl's 4th grade teacher last year. i had met corrie 18 months before that in a bible study I'd taken.
corrie used lifeline children's services to adopt her girls. i didn't work with her amy hart did. my role was to support, encourage and be her friend. adopting isn't for the faint at heart.

today was a first of many fun days at the park!!!!!