Saturday, September 20, 2014

How could this be?

Family Day for Emma Lael

 September 19, 2010 Inner Mongolia, China. The day our world changed forever.
all week emma lael has been talking about what she wanted to do our her family day.
EL "mom i want to go eat at waffle house"
me "waffle house have you ever been to waffle house before?"
EL "yes dad, pearl & i went before her car wash"
me "did you like it?"
EL "yeap" (she's not a yes girl she's a YEAP kinda girl)
me "okay, waffle house it will be than"
EL "than can we come home and have a family day family game night?"
me "sure, that's a great idea" (she loves to play cards & games and she is competitive)
One month being home. This was the picture we sent out to announce your adoption.
Look at those chubby cheeks....your adorable button nose

September 19, 2011
What a difference a year made

 pigtail girl....she loved to wear pigtails....what a cutie pie you are in pigtails
 September 19, 2013 gone are the chubby longer a your a little girl who loves to play her violin.

 September 19, 2014
Your favorite clothing item is what you call your "ladybug sweatshirt" this is your 3rd one in 4 years. Your first one was a gift from a friend. It was a size 12-18 month....then you moved up to a 2T....this time i decided to go BIG...really HUGE.....a size 5T. it's huge on you but you will have this one for a long time.
 my baby is growing up to fast for this momma
 shirts from a friends adoption fundraiser :)
 my big boy & my little girl....these two are very similar and they have fun together

 THE GANG!!! the big kids all came home to celebrate emma lael's family day.
 natalie found chinese music to play while we were playing games. one song she found was by the teriyaki boy
 let the family day family games BEGIN!!! go fish on the floor. complete with a bow in my hair.
our little card shark....studies her cards.... choosing the perfect card to play
 crab? seahorse? which one will she ask YOU for?

 cole and his patagonia hat....not sure when i've seen him without this hat....cole move on to something new ;)
 game #2 UNO
 pearl is a love bug ;) she has wanted & more importantly needed a loving mom for so long now that she has a mom who adores her she is one happy girl. Glory be to God!
she is the sweetest child i've ever met. she loves everyone. she cares for everyone. her heart goes out to everyone. she is the face of compassion.
XO XO i love her so much.
 two girls being silly

 game #3 Yahtzee
 natalie not happy with her roll
 being silly once again....we do silly really well in our home
 while emma lael was brushing her teeth for bed....kent & i were sitting in the girls room waiting fro them this is what we heard.
el "pearl my family day was really good wasn't it?"
pearl "yes it was fun"


we ended up eating at a local mexican restaurant not waffle house. thank goodness this food snob mom was happy about this last minute change.

happy family day emma lael. you have brought so much to our family. love. joy. laughter. strength. awareness.
* you have put a face to all the orphans in china
* you have showed people what LOVE can & will do for an orphan
* you have opened eyes of family & friends that adoption is beautiful it is the center of God's heart to care for orphans & widows James 1:27
* YOU are amazing.
* YOU are LOVED by your family & friends very much.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A few things I've been doing lately

i really enjoy making things
i also enjoy being busy
gideon the gecko attempting to sew
 quilt #1 pinks & blues
 quilt #2 blues & greens
 i've started making quilts for pearl's room in our new house. we had fun picking out fabric for the two quilts.

i finished pearl's stocking this week....i started it jan. 2014.
needle pointing is one of my favorite things to do. needlepointing is relaxing to me. i'm not one to relax often.
now what to needlepoint next?
oh, i know a wrist keychain ;)
i began making eye patches for emma lael a year ago. i've enjoyed making these and she likes to wear them too. it's a win win!!!
she's a rock star at school wearing her array of eye patches to school. she has over 25 now. all different. she will give me an idea and i will make it.

i've decided to make the1 above 10 styles and sell them. giving 100% proceeds to (un) adopted program at lifeline children's services.
detail to follow.

Garrett & Jessica's 2 year Anniversary

Garrett & Jessica celebrated 2 year of dating.

jessica hands garrett 5 of the 14 cards
take a guess what your gift is?????
he didn't have any idea....
she hands him a few more
he still didn't have a guess
 she hands him the remaining cards
it was obvious he had a good idea what he'd be doing on oct. 25...
150 mph
Driving a Nemosis SC99 Formula Car for5 laps

 150 mph OMG!!!
wind in your hair about a G-force facelift ;)

 garrett adores jessica...we're thankful for such an amazing young women in his life.
happy 2nd anniversary

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Afternoon Drive

pictures taken on my phone aren't that great ;(
girls playing with "old fashion phones"
i remember my grandparents having this phone
i miss these phones
 if there is a car she will find it. this kid is a magnet to any type of car. she loves cars.
 warm springs, ga a good ole southern town
 remember these?

pearl loved him el was ready to go sit in the car

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pearl's One Year Anniversary Celebration

Pearls Family Day Celebration
she chose to go to chin chin our fav chinese restaurant. the owners are dear friends of ours and they always make our girls feel special. 

 she's loves her daddy and he loves her too
 garrett and natalie mess with pearl all the time...she's a great sport...garrett is a great brother he has 3 beauties to watch over ;)
 natalie & i made a memory box for pearl. her love language is words of affirmation. i knew she would love this. she can keep treasures, notes whatever she wants in her special box.
natalie did all art it.

 we filled it with notes, bible verses, book mark plus a specially made necklace from an artist in arizona. pearl loved it.

 one of my blessings
 pearl's fortune from her cookie