Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Goodbye our beloved Charlie Brown

saying goodbye to a special pet can be the hardest thing ever
it's like losing a friend who was always there for us
charlie brown was an everyday joy that touched our lives
saying goodbye to him hurts very badly but
then i remember
i'd never trade one PRECIOUS MEMORY or one single moment spent with charlie brown
who brought so much warmth & love to our lives.
and left so much happiness in our hearts.

you will be missed
pearl & emma lael will miss you playing with them outside
finley misses you already...he has been looking for his playmate all day
i will miss your good morning meows & your wet nose against the back door
rest in peace
charlie brown
xo xo xo 

garrett, natalie & jessica will miss holding you while you will purr yourself to sleep

Friday, January 16, 2015

lovin the farmhouse progress

i've always loved something different....we found some awesome refurbished wood....with something like this you don't want to over use it....we've placed it in a few places...i am very pleased with the warmth, character it brings to the rooms it is in.
this is the 1/2 bathroom 
 wall behind the wet bar
oh, how i love this ceiling....foyer ceiling covered with refurbished wood
 it's hard to get a good picture of the ceiling ....we also have clapboard on several wall throughout the house.
 fireplace design has been a difficult decision....we finally decide on what we'd like it to look like....they began working on it today.....i am excited to see the progress tomorrow
 hallway upstairs
 more of the foyer ceiling....because i really really love it....the wood comes down 2 feet onto the wall 
did i mention i love this ceiling

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pearl's 11th birthday

we celebrated pearl's bday a few days early. she asked to go ice skating...kent was the only one who wouldn't ice skate...party pooper
pearl was a natural on ice skates
emma lael after warming up she was skating solo very well
garrett may be getting a phone call from NHL if that doesn't work out... he and jessica along with natalie & cole you could see in the next winter olympics
i have a blister now ;(

 not one broken bone
pulled muscle
we all had a fun time
we will go ice skating again SOON

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

a quilt for a special baby girl

a special quilt i made out of scraps for a very special baby girl
she's due in feb. 2015
her name is ruby eileen jen
my girls and i look forward meeting ruby swaddled in this quilt i made for her

Christmas Eve

Christmas ....It's here.
 Jesus birthday
My grandma ruby use to say "when you get older the years will fly by" she was right.

jessica and garrett had a nice Christmas
our violinist loves simon

the night before Christmas known as Christmas Eve
others leave Santa milk & cookies our girls leave milk & gold fish
origami nativity made by pearl
charlie brown loves being cuddled by jessica

lala, papa, charlie, ruby, finley, emma lael & pearl
sisler six on Christmas morning

my baby girl
my middle girl
my big boy
lala & papa gift to pearl....her favorite gift

lala & papa gift to emma lael her favorite gift

charlie brown even likes the tractor trailer & plane

pearl & natalie making a ginger bread house

New Years Eve
This is how we bring in the New Year
hot chocolate
marble truffles
chocolate santa

Monday, December 22, 2014

paint colors

girls wanted to pick out the colors for their bedrooms
emma lael wanted a soft yellow
we think it's perfect
provence creme
 pearl wants a soft blue 
she loves this color and so do i

i don't know why but kids love to paint
pearl painted her square on her wall
she did a great job